Fire Engine: check. 15-tonne digger: check. A dozen sharks: check.

In Summer 2022, Supercollider returned to the world of LEGO STUNTZ, leading the creative and production of a new campaign for the toy megabrand and their agency Mischief/Engine. This time, the fearless BoldDog FMX freestyle motocross riders faced life or death stunts, fused on camera courtesy of a giant ‘randomiser’. It randomly mixed-up LEGO CITY toys to create giant stunts, staged on a vast set up alongside the River Thames.

“Like JackAss for 8-year-olds”, the stunts were fun but were hugely complex to produce. They included: high-speed jumps through an inferno, while a water cannon did its best to knock the rider and bike out of the air; mid-air riders challenged to hit a bullseye on a (literal)moving target on the end of a giant crane arm swinging just feet away from them; and sling-shotting bicycles using motorbikes over a tank of “sharks”.

Hero film (6’) UHD + BTS (3’) + 12 x social assets (various), 2022